Health Days and Weeks have become very popular in most schools due to the importance of focusing on the school’s health as a school community. Our Health Day Sessions are designed around children understanding and identifying how making the right choices in food, drink and exercise can contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

For children in Early Years and Foundation we focus on ‘Trying Something New’ by giving children the opportunity to help prepare and taste simple, healthy, recipes using fresh, seasonal ingredients. The sessions are highly sensory giving all the children opportunity to smell, touch, feel and do keeping them engaged in their learning.

Key Stage 1 children are introduced to the food groups by playing games and fun activities. They have the opportunity to make and taste a healthy recipe which could be a smoothie or seasonal salad depending on the time of year.

In Key Stage 2 we like to establish the knowledge of the Eatwell Plate and the importance of hydration in the body with healthy choices. The children learn together in a fun and interactive way ‘just how much sugar they might be drinking’… through fizzy or sugary drinks. Practical sessions are designed to enthuse children to eat fruit and vegetables and understand the health benefits.

For children in Year 6 who are approaching the transition from primary to secondary approaching age 11 they can be influenced my marketing strategies from fast food giants, sport’s drinks companies and confectionary. Promising them they can run faster, jump higher or play football for longer. We explore and discuss the marketing strategies and how companies can persuade you to buy these drinks and food through advertising campaigns on television, billboards and packaging. How scientists run trials and tests on superfoods to find out if some foods do actually have an increased effect on some aspects of physical health.

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