Health & Well Being

We regularly set up information stalls when invited to promote
family and children’s nutrition we also set up practical workshops for families so they can make healthy seasonal recipes to enjoy together at home.

Food And Drink

We can run practical workshops for families and children and local food
and drink festivals in the areas we operate in.

Seasonal Festivals

We love to celebrate seasonal festivals with different workshops and
regularly attend seasonal fairs with activities for children to do.

Freshers Weeks

University maybe the first step for many young people to
independent living which means cooking for themselves. Fresher’s Week is an ideal time for us to teach students some simple recipes that can be easily cooked on a budget. We can set up a stall with plenty of seating for students to watch or maybe part take in a demonstration or two, learn some new skills and have fun! We love talking and meeting all the new students about their chosen path of study and passing on valuable food information of the city etc. Our team is a font of knowledge and diverse which reflects the needs of university life.

Contact Us


Phone: 07984153798